You’re concerned that your eating habits or relationship with food may not be healthy, but worry you’re not “sick enough” to deserve eating disorder treatment.

At the same time, food is often all you can think about, and you structure your entire day based on what you might eat or how you perceive your body. 

Perhaps you’ve even tried to use some compensatory behaviors in the past, like making yourself throw up, using a laxative, or exercising excessively in order to “make up” for food you feel bad about eating. Maybe you’ve struggled with attempts to restrict that are interrupted by binge eating episodes you aren’t able to control.

If you’re worried that your eating behaviors are starting to take over your life, you deserve support and treatment. We want you to know that it can get better, and you are not alone.

Recovery from OSFED is most successful when TREATMENT STARTS early.

NourishRX can help. 


Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder (OSFED) is a diagnosis made when individuals do not meet the more specific criteria for diagnosing eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder or avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID). 

Individuals with OSFED may binge and purge, but do so inconsistently or at a lower frequency than what is listed in the diagnostic criteria for bulimia. People with OSFED may be preoccupied with restricting or limiting their intake but may not be at a low body weight. 

Health risks associated with OSFED include organ failure, bone loss, muscle loss and weakness, electrolyte imbalances, tooth decay, digestive dysfunction, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, fainting, and dehydration.

What is Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder (OSFED)?

OSFED symptoms are varied and no two individuals will have the same presentation. This is a non-exhaustive list of some symptoms of OSFED


Restricting food or calories

Binge eating episodes

Compensatory behaviors (purging) including self-induced vomiting, laxative abuse, diuretic abuse

Obsession with "healthy" eating (Orthorexia)

Excessive or obsessive exercise behavior

Rituals associated with eating, like using small plates or cutting food into small pieces

Intense anxiety and preoccupation with body shape or size

Eating in secret


You don’t need to do this alone. 

If you are struggling with OSFED, you deserve treatment and support. Nutrition counseling is part of a team-based approach to eating disorder recovery where your specific needs and concerns will be addressed to both help you nourish your body and improve your relationship with food.

Recovery from OSFED is possible and support from a compassionate, experienced eating disorders registered dietitian is part of what will make your recovery successful. 

the nourishrx approach to

OSFED recovery at NourishRX will start by establishing an understanding of what behaviors are present and what thoughts and beliefs about food or your body drive you to engage in the behaviors. You will learn about the healing effect of nourishing your body through eating disorder recovery and be supported by your dietitian in setting goals to help you feel more energized, clear headed, and stable around food. 

Depending on your treatment needs and goals, you may work with the guidance of a structured meal plan, or you may work on exploring more flexibility and freedom with eating. You will be supported in reframing and challenging irrational beliefs about food with science-based nutrition education and the guidance of a dietitian who will help you see the bigger picture of overall health. 


The NourishrX PATH to EATING DISORDER recovery -
our signature program created for maximum support and impact

The package approach to healing offers the most support so you can make more consistent, steady progress. Along with individual counseling sessions, you will also have access to our library of supportive resources, downloads, and supplemental worksheets to support your journey of healing. Within our virtual, on-demand platform you’ll be guided through topics like how to face fear foods, navigating social eating experiences, connecting with your values and challenging negative thoughts. You’ll also have access to a private community where you can connect with others on a similar journey and find peer support. 

The NourishRX PATH to Anorexia Recovery Includes:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly One on one nutrition sessions
  • 24/7 Access to our virtual platform including downloads, worksheets, videos and resources
  • Collaboration with your team of providers
  • Connection with your provider through Recovery Record
  • Communication through our HIPAA compliant online portal

Your insurance may cover up to 100% of 1:1 nutrition counseling with NourishRX. With individualized, compassionate support from a dietitian, you’ll be able to create meaningful change. We’ll work with you to understand your medical, psychological and relevant family history, your relationship with food over time, your exercise habits, and your overall intake to create a plan towards full healing. You will be supported in working to nourish your body adequately without interference from the eating disorder, and guided to reclaim a life more aligned with your values.

NourishRX Dietitians can provide nutrition counseling to clients in Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Virginia, New York and New Hampshire





To let go.


what's holding you back from beginning treatment for OSFED?

It seems like so many other people have the same struggle and they aren’t in eating disorder recovery. I don’t feel like I’m “sick enough” to need help.

It’s true, unfortunately, that so many disordered eating behaviors, thoughts and beliefs are normalized in our society today. This makes it incredibly difficult to notice just how much your life and wellbeing are affected, and reinforces the idea that you are not “sick enough” for help when many others around you are struggling too. Just because it’s normalized, doesn’t mean it’s normal. You do not have to live in fear of food or your body forever. OSFED can be just as severe as other eating disorders, and there is no benefit from waiting for your eating disorder to get worse before seeking help.

Why can’t I just try to get better on my own?

In the thick of an eating disorder, it can be really difficult to parse out helpful thoughts from unhelpful thoughts. It’s also really difficult to tune into the needs of your body when you have a cacophony of negative thoughts swirling around making it feel impossible to make any decisions about what to eat. Working with a dietitian will help you better understand your body’s nutrient needs and help you identify misconceptions and barriers that get in your way. Working with a dietitian can also help you move through the phase of “pseudo recovery” that is common in the journey to healing. 

I don’t have time for more appointments

We completely understand that recovery is time consuming and you probably already have a busy schedule that’s hard to plan around. That’s why we’re proud to offer an array of virtual services designed to help recovery fit more easily into your life. Our PATH to Eating Disorder Recovery is 100% virtual and accessible from wherever you are. Recovery support coaching is open to everyone in all 50 states, and virtual nutrition counseling is available to individuals in Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Virginia, New York and New Hampshire.

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OSFED Treatment isn’t the only option for healing your relationship with food at NourishRX. Our team of Registered Dietitians also offer one-on-one support in nutrition counseling for intuitive eating, anorexia recovery, binge eating recovery, bulimia recovery, picky eating, and support for families of loved ones in eating disorder recovery.

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