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• Insurance accepted:
Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts Commercial Health Plan, United Healthcare, and AllWays
• Private pay accepted
• HSA / FSA cards accepted

- Available Massachusetts and Colorado Residents only  
- Medical diagnosis from a PCP required - 

Pricing & requirements

Be empowered and in control of your food intake by restoring your relationship with food from a place of pleasure, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

Reframe anxious thoughts and feelings and free yourself from tracking, measuring and calorie counting.

Eat with confidence, ease, and flexibility by finding balance with both your busy life and the food you eat.

After treatment You'll...

Treatment plans based on medical diagnoses or an underlying disease / condition. Specialities include:

You bring the story, we’ll bring the tools to lay out the groundwork for personalized nutritional therapy and treatment tailored to your own unique goals and needs.

nutrition counseling


• Eating Disorders (Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia, Bulimia, ARFID)
• Pediatric / Adolescent Nutrition
• Gastrointestinal concerns
• Integrative & Functional Nutrition
• Sports Nutrition and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S)

Together we’ll assess your current dietary intake, food aversions, medical history, lab values, weight and dieting history, and exercise allotment.

ways to work together

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• Coaching services through NourishRX do not constitute as Medical Nutrition Therapy and are not billable to insurance.

• Private pay rates apply.

Pricing & requirements

Get to the core of what’s leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated with the tools to overcome potential barriers.

Find a sense of empowerment and self-efficacy with actionable steps to achieve long-term, sustainable goals.

Coaching will help you...

Expert level insight and support to work through and prepare for challenging situations 

Together we’ll discuss treatment strategies to help make mealtimes easier.

Offering you support and insight in navigating fear food exposure, social events, meal planning grocery shopping and more.

Are you working closely with your treatment team but struggling to execute and follow through with putting these new skills into action on your own?

Your coach will work alongside you and your treatment team allowing for improved outcomes, a more efficient path to recovery and allied support specific to your individual needs.

Nutrition coaching


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• Instant access to our online course.
• Downloadable workbook, checklists and tip sheets to help you discover and navigate your personal meal prep style .
• Satisfying recipes and snack lists helping you expand your variety and find your satisfaction sweet spot .
• Resources to help you manage the day-to-day barriers that keep you from making a commitment to nourishing your body and mind.

Receive instant access to our flexible meal planning course offering nourishing solutions to help you ditch the rigidity and embrace flexibility with your meal planning. This virtual program weaves intuitive eating principles throughout, offering guidance on building balanced meals, grocery shopping, and meal prep without rules and restrictions. 

Flexible meal planning course




We empower you to tap into your innate wisdom to regain a sense of trust in your body, to take what it needs and leave what it doesn't. Learn to eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel full, so you open up space to focus on so much more of what really matters.

the power of intuitive eating

Take time to appreciate what your body does for you and what it allows you to do like go for a hike, use your arms to hug a friend, breathe in delicious smells, or practice a yoga flow. Nourish your mind, body, and soul with things that uplift you, rather than pull you down.

Know your body is on your side

Feel connected to our team through warmth, encouragement, and support at every step of the healing journey. We show you how different life can look without the all-consuming thoughts around food, so you can experience enjoyment and pleasure in what you eat, without judgment and guilt. 

warm, welcoming and compassionate care

we believe...

Our holistic treatment extends beyond once a week, one on one appointments; we make you feel supported and cared for in or out of session - whether that be a simple follow up email, reassessment of your goals and how they evolve, or a check-in on Recovery Record, so we can continuously chart a path toward confidence, freedom, and resilience.

Our guiding pillars work towards sustainability and long term results so you can be more present in your life with those you love, get back to doing what you enjoy, and live your life to its fullest.

Discover how to show your body kindness and acceptance and unconditional permission for a more enjoyable relationship with food and yourself.

Make peace with yourself

Rely on a powerful, personalized framework and judgment-free approach to shift from a place of anxiety and fear to one of freedom and trust.

A gentle and balanced framework

Not sure which healing path is right for you?

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Simply give us a call or get in touch - we’re here to guide you in finding the treatment plan that works with your life.

“I’m so appreciative of Gina’s weight-neutral philosophy; it has opened my eyes towards a way of balanced living, focused on true self-acceptance and self-care.”

— Adena

I can’t thank Gina enough for guiding me on my journey towards intuitive eating and body acceptance. Working towards recovery and navigating through diet culture would be impossible without her support. I’m so appreciative of her weight-neutral philosophy; it has opened my eyes towards a way of balanced living, focused on true self-acceptance and self-care. Thank you!

“I made such strides in my recovery that we were then able to focus on my new fitness goals for the future while remaining healthy.”

— Ellie

NourishRX is great. I have tried multiple nutritionists and have left confused or overwhelmed. Ryann was super helpful and supportive in creating a step by step plan with my personal goals to help me to overcome my eating disorder. After learning how to listen to my body, I was able to apply the tools Ryann showed me in session in my daily life. I would definitely recommend NourishRX for anyone looking to improve their nutrition, struggling with an eating disorder, or just in need of some guidance!

“When I first started, I was sure this would be just another of the dry, count-your -calories kind of dietitians I’d seen in the past. How wrong I was!”

— Rebecca

Ryann brings warmth and a bright sense of humor, plus a deep personal commitment to her work that is totally engaging and encouraging. I am so glad to have Ryann on my health team, after each meeting I have a renewed sense of hope and commitment that I know I will reach my goal in a healthy, life-affirming way. With NourishRX, there is no failure, only a recommitment to the process. I can’t recommend [them] highly enough!

Kind Words From Courageous Clients

you're not alone - we promise!

Stop the spiral of negative thoughts by redefining what makes a good day without it being dependent on the number on a scale?

Stop comparing yourself to friends, peers, and influencers on social media and start feeling like you are enough?

Stop judging yourself constantly based on what you eat and be more spontaneous and flexible with your intake by eating with confidence and ease?

Stop fearing food, so you can have a variety of options you love around the house and eat them with a sense of pleasure instead of a sense of dread?

Stop weighing yourself multiple times a day and remove the scale completely by focusing on how food makes you feel versus how you look?

Stop micromanaging your diet with a rigid schedule and start eating when you feel hungry, know when you feel full, and move on with your day?

Stop punishing yourself with exercise and start moving your body because it feels invigorating and energizing?

Stop the latest fad diets like Keto, Paleo, or Whole 30 and start living by a solid nutritional foundation of gentle, balanced nutrition and body acceptance?

Stop your negative inner food police so you can free up more space to discover your true authentic self?

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