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Insurance accepted:
Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts Commercial Health Plan,
 United Health Care and AllWays Health Plans

Private pay accepted
HSA / FSA cards accepted

Available to individuals residing in Massachusetts, California, Colorado and Virginia  

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Work one-on-one with a NourishRX Registered Dietitian. We'll provide personalized nutritional therapy and treatment tailored to your own unique goals and needs.

Treatment plans based on your specific needs and/or medical diagnosis. Our specialties are:

• Eating Disorders (Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia, Bulimia, ARFID)
• Pediatric / Adolescent Nutrition
• Intuitive Eating and a non-diet Approach to Preventative Wellness
• Gastrointestinal Concerns
• Integrative & Functional Nutrition
• Sports Nutrition and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S)

Together we’ll assess your current dietary intake, food aversions, medical history, lab values, weight and dieting history, and exercise allotment.

Your coach will work alongside you and your treatment team allowing for improved outcomes, a more efficient path to recovery and allied support specific to your individual needs.
• Expert level insight and support to work through and prepare for challenging situations 

• Together we’ll discuss treatment strategies to help make mealtimes easier.

• Offering you support and insight in navigating fear food exposure, social events, meal planning grocery shopping and more.

Get to the core of what’s leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated with the tools to overcome potential barriers.

Find a sense of empowerment and self-efficacy with actionable steps to achieve long-term, sustainable goals.

Coaching will help you:


Coaching is all about setting you up for success in reaching your goals in recovery, food freedom, or in nourishing your child through eating disorder recovery. 

Your coach is your go-to-guide between appointments with your RD, helping with challenges in real time.

Support coaching is available to individuals in all 50 states and beyond.
Individual counseling, or Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is the bread and butter of the NourishRX experience. Individual counseling is driven by your goals, whether you are struggling with specific nutritional needs or want to work on healing your relationship to food and body.  Our experienced RDs will ensure you understand your individualized roadmap for healing all while helping you meet your nutrition and wellness goals without stress or obsession and with a weight neutral approach.

“I’m so appreciative of Ryann’s weight-neutral philosophy; it has opened my eyes towards a way of balanced living, focused on true self-acceptance and self-care.”


I can’t thank Ryann enough for guiding me on my journey towards intuitive eating and body acceptance. Working towards recovery and navigating through diet culture would be impossible without her support. I’m so appreciative of her weight-neutral philosophy; it has opened my eyes towards a way of balanced living, focused on true self-acceptance and self-care. Thank you!

“I made such strides in my recovery that we were then able to focus on my new fitness goals for the future while remaining healthy.”


NourishRX is great. I have tried multiple nutritionists and have left confused or overwhelmed. Ryann was super helpful and supportive in creating a step by step plan with my personal goals to help me to overcome my eating disorder. After learning how to listen to my body, I was able to apply the tools Ryann showed me in session in my daily life. I would definitely recommend NourishRX for anyone looking to improve their nutrition, struggling with an eating disorder, or just in need of some guidance!

“When I first started, I was sure this would be just another of the dry, count-your -calories kind of dietitians I’d seen in the past. How wrong I was!”


Ryann brings warmth and a bright sense of humor, plus a deep personal commitment to her work that is totally engaging and encouraging. I am so glad to have Ryann on my health team, after each meeting I have a renewed sense of hope and commitment that I know I will reach my goal in a healthy, life-affirming way. With NourishRX, there is no failure, only a recommitment to the process. I can’t recommend [them] highly enough!

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