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The battle with food can feel insurmountable.

Thoughts of food and eating have taken over your life. It might feel like there’s a monster inside your brain, reminding you of every time you’ve “failed.” You might try to quiet the thoughts by sticking to eating only foods that feel safe, but soon you find this list of safe foods starts getting smaller and smaller. 

The anxiety that comes up when you eat a food that’s out of your ever shrinking comfort zone can feel unbearable. You might find that you can’t stop eating and may feel a sense of loss of control around food for a time. You then find yourself wanting to do anything to get rid of the anxiety, clear the racing thoughts, and start over.

You have what it takes to recover from bulimia.

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No two eating disorders are the same, and bulimia can present itself in many different ways. It can also look very similar to Anorexia for those who heavily restrict their eating.

SIGNS OF bulimia

Feeling preoccupied with body weight or shape

Finding yourself eating large quantities of food in a short period of time, often feeling out of control and often in secret.

Compensating for the guilt and shame you feel after binge eating by using behaviors like self-induced vomiting, laxatives, diuretics or enemas, fasting or exercising excessively.

Finding yourself stuck in a cycle of binge eating, using a compensatory behavior, and restricting that feels impossible to stop



Working with a team of providers in eating disorder recovery is incredibly important. Nutrition counseling can help you learn how to nourish your body and rebuild a healthy relationship with food.

You will learn how to compassionately listen to and respond to your body, and resist urges to binge and purge. You can confront your fear foods with support and guidance so that eventually food just feels like food. You can finally say “yes” to experiences and memories instead of letting fear and anxiety take over. 

the nourishrx approach to Bulimia Treatment

Healing at NourishRX may start with a structured meal plan that is designed to help your body and brain be fully nourished, and that will help you be better able to recognize body cues over time. You’ll work with your dietitian to create a list of foods that cause anxiety and slowly work on incorporating those foods with support and space to identify and reframe any negative thoughts that come up. At first, you’ll be working to view all food from a neutral perspective. Eventually you’ll be able to allow yourself to truly enjoy food again, without any guilt or shame.


The NourishrX PATH to EATING DISORDER recovery -
our signature program created for maximum support and impact

The package approach combines individual nutrition counseling paired with access to our virtual platform called the PATH (which stands for Powerful Avenue to Healing). The PATH is full of helpful downloads and worksheets, how-to videos, reflection prompts, and links to additional resources — all designed to support the healing work you do with your team between your sessions. We’ll guide you through topics like how to face fear foods, navigating social eating experiences, the purpose of a meal plan in recovery and more. 

The NourishRX PATH to Eating Disorder Recovery Includes:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly One on one nutrition sessions
  • 24/7 Access to our virtual platform including downloads, worksheets, videos and resources
  • Collaboration with your team of providers
  • Connection with your provider through Recovery Record
  • Communication through our HIPAA compliant online portal

Did you know that your insurance may cover up to 100% for 1:1 nutrition counseling with NourishRX? Working with a dietitian one-on-one will provide you with the individualized, compassionate support you need to create meaningful change. We’ll work with you to understand your medical history, your relationship with food, behaviors and mindset, dieting history, body image and relationship with exercise. We’ll help you learn more about the role that nourishment plays in your healing and recovery, and empower you with tools and encouragement to make peace with food and your body.

NourishRX Dietitians can provide nutrition counseling to clients in Massachusetts, Colorado, California, Virginia, New York and New Hampshire






To let go.


what's holding you back from bulimia treatment?

I don’t feel like I’m sick enough to deserve support for my eating disorder

This is what we like to call eating disorder logic. It’s super common for folks with eating disorders to compare their own illness with others they see on social media, or within their own lives. It’s also common to think that your eating disorder isn’t “bad” just because it isn’t someone else’s “worst.” We like to say that if the eating disorder is interfering with your life in any way, you deserve to be helped. There is truly nothing to be gained from waiting for your eating disorder to get worse before reaching out.

I’m working with a therapist already, do I really need a dietitian too?

Therapists are incredible treatment team members and you really can’t do eating disorder recovery justice without one on your team. However, therapists are not nutritionists, and can’t take on both roles in your recovery. Working with an eating disorder dietitian will help you confront the food piece of the puzzle while your work with your therapist can focus on deeper issues — the “roots” of the eating disorder. Working with an eating disorder dietitian is likely going to help you through the process of recovery more smoothly because you’ll be more likely to experience full nourishment and confront your food fears head-on.

I don’t have time for more appointments

Recovery can feel like a full time job. It’s hard work, and time consuming. We want to make sure we’re making our support services as convenient as possible for you so that nothing stands in the way between you reaching your recovery goals. Our nutrition counseling and coaching services are both offered virtually to accommodate your busy schedule. Our PATH program is also available to you anytime, anywhere, so you can literally work on recovery from bed if you want to!

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