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You might be feeling like you aren’t able to control yourself around food.

You may avoid eating around others only to eat in secret later on. You may feel a sense of numbness when eating, and eat until you feel physically ill.
Maybe you’ve tried to “control” your binge eating by restricting what foods you allow yourself to have at home. You may have tried diets or “mindful eating” programs in an effort to try to combat the binge eating episodes. It may be hard for you to seek support because you’re feeling ashamed and embarrassed by your eating and your body. 

Recovery from binge eating disorder is possible.

NourishRX can help. 


While most people will experience feeling uncomfortably full after eating a lot of food from time to time, binge eating disorder takes more of a toll than occasional overeating.

Signs of binge eating disorder

Feeling out of control around certain foods, and often telling yourself to keep them out of the house, only to binge on them later.

Stockpiling food to consume when alone

Eating past the point of fullness, and sometimes eating to the point where you physically feel sick yet don't feel able to stop.

Experiencing a feeling of numbness while binge eating, and then feeling ashamed afterwards.

Symptoms of Binge Eating DIsorder:

NUTRITION COUNSELING AT NOURISHRX CAN HELP YOU RECOVER FROM binge eating disorder and experience peace with food.

While it’s incredibly important to understand the roots of disordered eating behaviors with a therapist you trust, learning how to nourish your body and build a healthy relationship with food is where nutrition counseling can help. 

Battling food and your body is a dead end road when it comes to binge eating recovery. Most often, trying to suppress binge eating episodes by restricting food further just ends up fueling a binge-restrict cycle that makes it even harder to feel a sense of stability with food. 

Binge eating is not a lack of willpower — it’s often a sign from your body that basic needs aren’t being met. One of those basic needs is often a stable, consistent, peaceful relationship with food. One without restrictions, food rules, or where your eating is dictated by the number on the scale.

the nourishrx approach to binge eating disorder treatment

Recovering from binge eating disorder starts by exploring what makes you more vulnerable to binge eating in the first place. When we consider that binge eating is a communication signal from your body, we can learn more about what purpose it is serving in your life. We’ll unpack your beliefs about food and eating together to see what’s keeping you stuck.


The NourishrX PATH to eating disorder recovery

Our on-demand, virtual eating disorder recovery course called the PATH, Powerful Avenue to Healing, used in combination with 1:1 sessions with a NourishRX Registered Dietitian provides maximum support in your recovery journey. The PATH is packed full of helpful downloads and worksheets, how-to videos, reflection prompts, and links to additional resources — all designed to support the healing work you do with your NourishRX Dietitian in between sessions. We’ll guide you through topics like how to face fear foods, navigating social eating experiences, the purpose of a meal plan in recovery and more. 

The NourishRX PATH to Eating Disorder Recovery Includes:

  • 24/7 Access to our virtual platform including downloads, worksheets, videos and resources
  • Connection with your provider through Recovery Record
  • Communication through our HIPAA compliant online portal

Working with a dietitian one-on-one is the best way to get individualized, compassionate support that meets you where you are at. We’ll work with you to understand your current relationship with food, eating habits and patterns, your dieting history, body image and relationship with movement. We’ll help you learn more about the role that nourishment plays in healing and recovery, and empower you with the tools you need to make peace with food for good.






To let go.


what's holding you back from beginning binge eating reocvery?

I’ve tried diets in the past and they haven’t helped

That’s not surprising to hear! Most diets are designed as short-term “solutions” that are really designed to fail in the long run, and definitely fail those of us who struggle with binge eating. You’re not going to get another diet at NourishRX. Instead you’ll learn how to truly nourish your body to stop the binge-restrict cycle for good.

How can working with an eating disorder dietitian help me? I’m working with a therapist already, do I really need a dietitian too?

It’s awesome that you already have a therapist on your team. That’s such an important step and a key piece of the puzzle to full binge eating recovery. Just like dietitians aren’t trained to prescribe medication or perform surgery, therapists aren’t trained to provide nutrition guidance. Adding an eating disorder dietitian to your team will help you learn about your body’s true nutritional needs and help you cultivate a healthy relationship with food.

I don’t have time for more appointments

We know that time is short and your time is one of the most valuable resources you have. You deserve support and we want to make our support options as accessible as possible. We offer fully virtual nutrition counseling to make meeting with a dietitian as easy as clicking on a link on your computer or phone. Our PATH program is accessible anywhere, at any time, and available to you for as long as you’re a member. 

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Binge Eating support isn’t the only option for healing your relationship with food at NourishRX. Our team of Registered Dietitians also offer one-on-one support in nutrition counseling for intuitive eating, anorexia recovery, bulimia recovery, picky eating, and support for families of loved ones in eating disorder recovery.

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