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Are you finding it difficult to connect with An eating disorder dietitian in connecticut?

Do you live in Hartford, Waterbury, New Haven or Bridgeport and just don't have time to get to and from appointments with your busy schedule? Are you a college student at Fairfield, Connecticut College, Yale or the University of Connecticut and have a hard time accessing care outside of your campus? Perhaps you are just more comfortable with telehealth from the comfort of your own home. 

You want high quality, specialized nutrition coaching or counseling, but you also need to fit it within your busy lifestyle. We get it.

Online nutrition services at NourishRX may be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Online Nutrition Counseling Has Many Benefits 

Forget about sitting in traffic or dealing with parking headaches. Online nutrition counseling with NourishRX takes place from the comfort of your own home. Let us come to you, virtually. Save your time and mental energy so you have more to devote to your eating disorder recovery and heal your relationship to food.

Online Nutrition Counseling saves Time

Connecticuters are busy people! With work, commuting, school, and families it can be hard to find time to prioritize your eating disorder recovery and relationship with food. That’s where telehealth comes in to save the day. Our clients are able to access comprehensive care for their eating disorder in the comfort of their own home. With telehealth you are able to meet with your Registered Dietitian on your phone, tablet or computer. The same device you are already using for FaceTime, Zoom or other video chat!

Online Nutrition Coaching allows you to find a specialist

Finding registered dietitians who are specialized in eating disorder treatment and Intuitive Eating can be an incredibly difficult task. Clients can search from Norwalk to Greenwich without successfully finding the in-person provider that is right for you. Being able to access an online telehealth search with qualified dietitians can allow for increased options for you to choose from. And, we might be biased, but we feel confident that you have already found the nutrition coaching care you need in NourishRX. 

NourishRX’s team of Registered Dietitians and Recovery coaches will work alongside you and your treatment team as you work to regain your health, challenge misconceptions about food and nutrition and restore your body to optimal health. We will help you access the tools and resources that you need to challenge your eating disorder and regain your life outside of it. We’ll provide you with a plan for nourishment and guidance to fight the powerful eating disorder thoughts so that you can ultimately feel more relaxed around food and within your body. 

Online Nutrition Counseling for Eating Disorder Treatment in Connecticut



Binge Eating Disorder

Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder (OSFED)

Avoidant Restrictive Eating Disorder (ARFID)

NourishRX also offers specialized Intuitive Eating nutrition coaching to help clients reconnect with their body cues and feel at peace with food. 

we treat all eating disorder diagnoses including:

Online meal planning in Connecticut


Do you find yourself shopping at Stew Leonard's, Stop and Shop, or Shop Right, walking up and down the aisles with minimal idea of what to purchase for yourself or your family? Let NourishRX help support you with online meal planning tools that help you balance the real life needs of you and your family with flexible, intuitive guidance. 

Online Micronutrient Testing in Connecticut

Micronutrient testing through Rupa Health is a comprehensive nutrient analysis that measures functional deficiencies at the cellular level of a person's nutritional status. Through your services at NourishRX - you will be able to easily get labs drawn at your closest facility and once results are obtained you will be able to fully review with a team of specialized nutrition professionals. 

Is online nutrition coaching effective?

You may be thinking “Does seeing my nutritionist online really work like in person counseling?” The short answer to this is - yes! We’ve seen our clients benefit tremendously from online nutrition counseling over the last several years. Virtual nutrition counseling is not only convenient, it’s often just as effective as in-person treatment for many nutrition needs.




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Our team of nutritionists also offer one-on-one support in nutrition counseling for family support for eating disorders, sports nutrition counseling for Athletes, non-diet nutrition counseling for teens, nutrition counseling for college students and nutrition counseling for adults

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