You want to try meal planning to make eating well easier for you and your household, but aren’t sure how to go about it without it feeling rigid or overwhelming. 

Maybe you’ve given up on meal planning because in the past you’ve wound up unsatisfied and shackled by all the rules and restrictions. You’re probably wondering how meal planning can fit within a flexible and intuitive relationship to food — after all, meal planning has been the cornerstone of every diet you’ve ever tried.

At the same time, you often find yourself feeling lost when it comes to having meals to eat throughout the week. Planning, shopping, and preparing food can feel like a full time job — and you barely have any extra hours in the day to spend on yourself as it is.

Not having a plan or prioritizing your own satisfaction when it comes to meals may lead you to dread and avoid thinking about eating. In turn, you might find that you’re feeling sluggish, irritable, and simply not your best self. 

MEAL PLANNING DOESN'T HAVE TO MEAN DIETINg or restricting your favorite foods.

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Reasons that meal planning may be helpful

You have a busy schedule and often find yourself scrambling at the last minute for meals

You find yourself lacking inspiration and struggle to think of what to make for yourself to eat

Cooking and preparing meals feels overwhelming and you often resort to takeout

You aren't sure how to meal plan without it turning into a restrictive diet

You have many mouths to feed at home and struggle to incorporate foods that are satisfying to you

support around meal planning at nourishrx is flexible and focused on what is most important to you.

It’s so rewarding to see the lightbulb moment when clients discover the magic of flexible meal planning, where satisfaction and sustainability are prioritized most of all. 

It’s true. Some meal plans ARE restrictive and offered as a one-size-fits all approach that we know won’t work for everyone.

That’s not the kind of meal planning support you’ll get at NourishRX. 

We know that you’re already feeling strapped for time and don’t have another minute to waste on a program that isn’t designed to fit and flex with your life. Having a flexible meal plan that you enjoy following recharges your batteries and allows you to show up for all the other areas of life that are so important to you. Food is foundational, and it doesn’t have to feel like a burden. 

Meal planning can help with eating burnout

the nourishrx approach to
meal planning

You don’t have to overhaul your pantry or fridge to get started with meal planning. In fact, we want to know what foods you already enjoy eating and make those an important part of your food routine. 

Meal planning at NourishRX isn’t about chasing an arbitrary weight goal, it’s about energizing you and teaching you how to listen to and take care of your body. 

We’ll teach you how to identify signs of hunger and fullness so you can work with your body and feel your best. You’ll learn tips and tricks for making meal prep easier and more enjoyable — starting by identifying your “meal planning personality”. There isn’t just one right way to meal plan and that’s how it should be.

HOW NOURISHRX CAN HELP YOU discover flexible meal planning:

The Flexible Meal Planning Course for the Intuitive Eater

Our signature, on-demand course that shows you how to combine the principles of intuitive eating with meal planning skills so you can feel organized, prepared, and fully nourished every day. The Flexible Meal Planning Course includes a downloadable 60-page workbook, broken down into six easy to digest modules to help you work through the material at your own pace. 

Now included in the course are seven FREE recipe booklets ($70 value) containing more than 120 easy, nourishing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and everything in between.





To let go.


what's holding you back from meal planning with nourishrx?

I’m not sure I have time for meal planning

We know that time is one of the most valuable resources we all share and we want to respect your time as much as possible! That’s why we created this as a go-at-your-own-pace and access-anywhere virtual course. 

I don’t like following rigid meal plans

The NourishRX approach to Meal Planning is anything but rigid. We want you to discover your own ability to tune into the needs and wants of your body instead of following a set of rules that doesn’t work for you. We know every day and every week is different, and we also know that planning for nourishing meals and snacks within those days and weeks can make a huge difference in how present and energized you feel.

I can’t stick to a meal plan because I always fail

There is no “messing up” when it comes to meal planning with NourishRX. We believe that a flexible approach to meal planning is a journey and that experiences where we don’t feel great are wonderful learning opportunities. Flexible meal planning is designed to support you for the rest of your life — not just the next 30 days. Because of that, there’s plenty of time to learn and grow.

Let's get started

If you’re ready to start healing your relationship with food and stop fighting your body, you’re in the right place. 

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