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You might be feeling like you don’t even know how to eat if you’re not following a set of rules. The idea of listening to your body might feel like “letting yourself go.”

You can’t imagine that your body can be trusted. 

Maybe you’ve lived your entire life thinking that you need to be losing weight. You’ve found yourself signing up for whatever new diet program is marketed to you. If it’s not a new detox tea, it’s a weight loss shake, a protein bar, or some super restrictive meal plan. It’s what you know. It’s what you do. It’s what everyone else does too. 

Everywhere you turn, there is a cacophony of people telling you to both love your body and change it. You’re not even sure how you’re supposed to feel — you just know that you don’t feel good. 

It’s not your fault that you’ve bought into diet culture. It sells you freedom, but it often only makes things worse. You find yourself always returning to diets that are so restrictive and unsustainable, it’s only a matter of time before you end up binging or heading towards eating disorder territory.

INtuitive eating may be what you need to heal your relationship with food for good.

NourishRX can help. 


Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach to eating that emphasizes mind-body awareness and body respect. Intuitive Eating supports the pursuit of overall health and wellbeing without requiring intentional weight loss. The framework of Intuitive Eating was developed in the 1990’s by two Registered Dietitians — Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. There are now over 100 studies (and counting!) connecting Intuitive Eating to improved health outcomes, from blood sugar control and cholesterol improvements, to eating disorder recovery.

Individuals are guided through 10 key principles of Intuitive Eating in order to reconnect with their body’s internal cues and reframe unhelpful thought patterns. 

WHAT IS intuitive eating?

the 10 principles of intuitive eating are:

  1. Reject the Diet Mentality
  2. Honor Your Hunger
  3. Make Peace with Food
  4. Challenge the Food Police
  5. Discover the Satisfaction Factor
  6. Feel Your Fullness
  7. Cope with your Emotions with Kindness
  8. Respect Your Body
  9. Movement — Feel the Difference
  10. Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition 

While everyone has unique life experiences that contribute to their relationship with food, here are some of the common reasons Intuitive Eating may be helpful.

intuitive eating may help you if...

You feel out of control around certain foods, and often find yourself telling yourself to keep them out of the house, only to binge on them later.

You feel overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition guidance you've received and aren't sure what to trust anymore.

You often find yourself beating yourself up for eating "bad" foods, and comparing what you eat to others.

You find that food is often all you can think about.

You are not currently in treatment for an active eating disorder (using eating disorder behaviors)

intuitive eating support from nourishrx can restore your relationship with food and your body

As Registered Dietitians working with clients who have tormented relationships with food for over a decade, we’re familiar with how overwhelming the prospect of learning to eat intuitively can feel. 

Diets often feel like the only way to have any level of stability with food, but ironically also make eating feel chaotic and exhausting. You might feel like a failure because you haven’t been able to stick to dieting, but we want you to know that diets are designed to fail. It’s not your fault!

It’s brave to decide that diets are no longer serving you.

Using rules and restrictions to dictate what (or when, where and why) you can and cannot eat interferes with your own body’s innate ability to tell you what you need. You may not know how to get started listening to your body, but we are here to help.

the nourishrx approach to intuitive eating

Learning how to eat intuitively starts by understanding how you’ve been impacted by diet culture and the never-ending pursuit of a smaller body by any means necessary. Using the principles of Intuitive Eating, we’ll explore with curiosity — not judgment — what food rules guide your eating, how you are able to tune into and listen to your body’s internal cues, and where diet culture’s values are undermining your own. 

Together, we’ll guide you towards a peaceful relationship with food that is rooted in your values and authentically supports your health and wellbeing.

Getting started working on intuitive eating with nourishrx:

Did you know that your insurance may cover up to 100% for 1:1 nutrition counseling with NourishRX? 

Working with a dietitian one-on-one is the best way to get individualized, compassionate support that meets you where you are at. Bumps in the road are sure to come up in this journey, as they do with any journey. Working with an intuitive eating dietitian will help you work through the bumps in the road and continue making progress instead of “throwing in the towel” and telling yourself that you’ve failed. Your life experience is unique and deserves individualized, caring attention. We’ll become part of your team — help you advocate for your care, work with you at your pace, and never stop supporting your journey to food peace.

the Jumpstart to Intuitive Eating Course

This course is designed for those who are new to Intuitive Eating to jump in and start making peace with food right away. You’ll get access to 12 modules of in-depth content that starts by helping you understand your current relationship with food. You will be guided through each module with videos and interactive reflection prompts, downloadable resources, links to helpful resources and email encouragement as you go to help keep you motivated. All of the content is yours to download and keep forever, and can help support the individualized work that you do in nutrition counseling with a dietitian. 






To let go.


what's holding you back from getting started with intuitive eating?

I’ve tried Intuitive Eating before and it didn’t work for me

Intuitive Eating is a profoundly different approach to eating than anything diet culture offers, and it takes time to reframe your thoughts and self talk. Pursuing Intuitive Eating with one foot still stuck in diet culture often leads to confusion and the sense that your body is broken or can’t be trusted. This is a hard place to find yourself! We’re here to give you the support and space you need to talk about WHY you feel intuitive eating hasn’t worked for you. If you’re like any of the other clients we’ve worked with who have said the same, you may discover that more support was what you needed after all.

I still want to lose weight

The pursuit of weight loss is so normalized and celebrated in society, it’s totally understandable that you wouldn’t feel 100% ready to commit to putting your weight loss goals aside. While we are weight-inclusive practice, which means we don’t prescribe weight loss diets or use weight as an indicator for health status, we invite you to bring conversations about weight loss into your counseling sessions. Working with NourishRX, we will explore how the pursuit of weight loss has affected YOU and your relationship with food, and how it may interfere with intuitive eating. 

I am feeling nervous about trying something new

Feeling nervous is completely understandable if learning how to eat intuitively feels like learning how to speak a new language. For so many of us, dieting and diet culture are a big part of our communities, and leaving dieting behind can feel like you’re all alone without anyone cheering you along. Community is an essential part of growth, which is why we created our online course and facebook group to connect you with others on a similar journey. You are absolutely not alone.

Let's get started

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You don’t have to shape shift or “lifestyle change” your way into a new set of rigid rules and restrictions in order to find happiness. Intuitive Eating support from NourishRX can help you restore your relationship with food, your body, and your values.

START YOUR intuitive eating journey

Have questions? Jump on a call with our Client Care Coordinator to discuss your options, or simply head over to the Jumpstart to Intuitive Eating Course to get started right away. 

Start developing a relationship of acceptance and compassion for your body instead of constantly fighting against it.

More intuitive eating resources from nourishrx

Intuitive Eating support isn’t the only option for healing your relationship with food at NourishRX. Our team of Registered Dietitians also offer one-on-one support in nutrition counseling for binge eating recovery, bulimia recovery, anorexia recovery, picky eating, and support for families of loved ones in eating disorder recovery.

If you are in the early stages of recovering from an eating disorder, our eating disorder recovery support services may be more appropriate for you.

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