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Flexible, compassionate, and personalized treatment so you can attain balanced nutrition and reclaim the quality of life you deserve.

Restore Your Relationship With Food, Your Body and Yourself

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Arm your recovery journey with guidance and support from the experienced team of NourishRX dietitians.

Nutrition counseling for eating disorders

Break free from the cycle of body hate and food obsession for good, and develop an accepting and trusting relationship with your body.

Break the dieting cycle with
intuitive eating

Learn how to restore your loved one's self-worth by confidently supporting them through eating disorder recovery at home.

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We strive to serve our clients when, where and however they need it most. Here you’ll find a range of services and treatment paths that meet you where you are - but don’t leave you there. 

Elevating the Standard in Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment




to let go.

It’s not easy to overcome patterns that have started to overtake your mind and life. Especially when you try to do it alone. Our team of compassionate Registered Dietitians is here to guide you through a clearly defined roadmap that will help you to redefine what constitutes a good day - without it being dependent on your food choices or the number you see on the scale.

Envision life without rigid meal plans, measuring, or calorie counting.

we want to see you thrive.


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After meeting with adolescents, adults, and families over the years and learning about their experiences, I learned that the process of working from food fears to food freedom can be confusing and that this confusion can be a barrier to true healing.

Because of this, I became passionate about creating a warm and guiding space where you feel seen, heard, understood and supported as you begin your recovery journey.

My hope for you at NourishRX is that you will reconnect to your body and trust in your healing journey, so you can stop putting your life on hold and instead, pursue the things you love to do alongside the people you love to be with.


I'm Ryann.


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"Ryann and her staff are down to earth, knowledgeable,
and extremely supportive of their clients."


I had the pleasure of beginning my journey of recovery from an eating disorder with Ryann. She was always on top of her game and challenged every bit of the eating disorder. Words can't express the gratitude I have for them in helping me begin my journey through recovery!


The whole practice is warm and welcoming and has such a relaxing atmosphere. I’ve never had a good relationship with food and Ryann helps me to see that I can change that.

"Ryann puts her heart and soul into her clients."

"NourishRX has helped my daughter overcome her negative emotional pattern with food and diet.”


 Gina taught my daughter ways to implement new foods into her diet without complete aversion. It’s been wonderful seeing my daughter challenge herself to try new foods with success!

"Emma is an outstanding RD clinician, whose guidance, caring nature, and support around balanced nutrition, movement, and mindfulness, has definitely made a difference in my life."


Her practical, no-pressure approach to living a healthier lifestyle makes the process of making positive changes in one’s life more enjoyable, and sustainable.

Kind Words From Courageous Clients

you're not alone - we promise!


intuitive eating


eating disorders


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Honest conversations about recovery, meal planning and intuitive eating, we have you covered at every step of your healing journey.

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