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When you are in the thick of eating disorder recovery, it can sometimes feel like you’re treading water between your sessions. 

You have breakthroughs and a-ha moments in the counseling office, but once the session is over the eating disorder thoughts come on strong and feel impossible to challenge. 

You know what your long term recovery goals are, but find it difficult to break them down into smaller action steps. Even those small steps feel like giant mountains when you think about doing them on your own.

This is where recovery support coaching can help.

Coaching sessions at NourishRX are set up to help you reach your recovery goals faster and more consistently, because you won’t be on your own. 

Recovery coaches at NourishRX are skilled eating disorder practitioners who understand what you’re going through. They will help you navigate barriers and use proven strategies to help you prepare for challenging situations in your recovery journey.

Our recovery coaches are also able to work with parents and families to help put in place recommendations from their loved one’s dietitian. Our coaches can help you better understand how to be a supportive team member and advocate for your loved one going through eating disorder recovery.


Recovery coaching is not a replacement for medical nutrition therapy or nutrition counseling in your eating disorder recovery.

Your eating disorder dietitian is your go-to for developing a recovery roadmap and a personalized plan for your long-term nutrition goals and your individual nutrition needs. 

Your recovery coach will help you in the moment make progress towards your long term goals by supporting you through challenging situations, helping you reframe negative thoughts, or sit with uncomfortable feelings. 

Coaching will help you get to the core of what’s leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated with the tools to overcome potential barriers.

Because coaching services are not medical nutrition therapy, they are not able to be billed to insurance. 

However, coaching will likely make your work with your dietitian feel more cohesive and consistent, allowing you to progress through recovery more quickly.

What is the Difference Between Nutrition Counseling and Recovery Coaching?

Nutrition Coaching is available to everyone in all 50 states, canada and beyond!

Who could benefit from nutrition coaching at nourishrx?

Recovery coaching can be a huge asset to your eating disorder treatment. Whether you need some extra support in confronting new and uncomfortable situations, working through a fear food exposure, planning out your meals for the week, or having a supported meal, we can help.

Recovery coaches at nourishrx work with:

  • Individuals in recovery from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, ARFID and OSFED
  • Individuals who are working on developing a healthier relationship with food and struggle with strong food rules
  • Families and caregivers of loved ones in eating disorder recovery
  • Athletes who are struggling to fuel themselves properly for their sport
  • Individuals who struggle with food-related anxiety





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Available to individuals residing in all 50 states, Canada and beyond. Recovery coaching will help you make steady and consistent progress towards your treatment goals so you can reach full recovery faster.

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